Does Anti-Christmas exist?

Christmas has long been celebrated as a Christian holiday by both Christians and non-Christians alike. Christmas is said to have originated from pagan religion. The letters in Santa Claus first name, which is also said to originate from Pagan sources, can be rearranged into the word Satan.

Satanism, which is a Christian religion that worships Satan rather than Christ, often is compared as the opposite to Christianity. So since there is a Christmas, it would could make sense if there were an anti-Christmas holiday.

Well, according to Evangelical Christian author Jerry Johnston,  Satanists celebrate a holiday called the Grand High Climax on December 24th. Johnston wrote in his book Edge of Evil: The Rise of Satanism in North America that The celebration is meant to juxtapose Christmas Eve according. Johnston  claimed that the Grand High Climax is celebrated with a Black Mass followed by a feast of food, beverages, sex and other activities. None of Johnstons writings appear to have come from practicing Satanists, and it is said that many Satanists aren’t aware of the holidays involved in the religion, so the credibility of his claim is questionable.


Conversely, Anton LeVay, who wrote the Satanic Bible, mentioned 2 major Satanic holidays and 4 minor holidays, however none of these are celebrated on or near Christmas December 25th. And no other source can be found stating that there is an Anti-Christmas holiday.


Satanists are said to celebrate Christmas, although not as a celebration of the birth of Christ but rather more like any standard holiday that might be used to have a get together with friends and family.


Are you a Satanist, or do you know what? Can you attest if there is an anti-Christmas celebrated among Satanist? Please leave us a comment and tell us what you think.


And happy holidays, whichever you celebrate!

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