6 Pets You Can Eat For Dinner

From mini-pig pork chops to Turtle soup, We count down the top 6 pets you can eat for dinner

Pets are a wonderful addition to any home and make better friends and family than humans do. Some people choose pets outside of the ordinary cat and dog, opting for animals that are also found on the dinner table. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t advocate the slaughter and consumption of your beloved pet, but we did want to point out in this video these common pets that also are considered a food source in the United States.


  1. Ducks

Ducks are a high maintenance pet that require a lot of attention. They are also said to be more emotional than cats and dogs and have a higher attachment to their owners.

While they make cute pets, Ducks have actually been farmed for centuries for their meat, eggs and down. The most common breed that is consumed is the Pekin duck, which typically are raised in Long Island NY.

Duck is said to taste somewhat similar to chicken but with a darker gamier taste. It is higher in fat and moister than chicken. Calories and total fat nutritional values of duck are comparable to that of chicken, however the levels of Cholesterol and sodium is much higher in duck.


  1. Squirrels

Squirrels are super cute, but they don’t make the best pets and aren’t necessarily easily found depending on your location and in some states they are illegal to keep but, there are some people who do have them as pets irregardless.

Squirrels have long been a staple meat at the dinner table, especially in previous centuries.

Squirrel is said to taste similar to wild rabbit but slightly sweeter with a nutty flavor and with very lean meat. Raw squirrel meat has 120 calories per serving and 83 mg of cholesterol which is very comparable to the values in beef.


  1. Rabbit

Awww, who could eat a bunny rabbit? Well a few country boys I know could. Rabbit has long been a staple meal in American households. There are 10 different breeds of rabbit that are raised for their meat including

  • New Zealand Whites:
  • Californian Rabbits:
  • The American Chinchilla:
  • Silver Foxes:
  • Champagne D Argent:
  • Cinnamons Rabbits:
  • Satins rabbits:
  • Rex Rabbits:
  • Palomino Rabbits:
  • Flemish Giants:

Many people will tell you that rabbit tastes like chicken. It is a white meat that is lower in fat than chicken and can be used as a chicken substitute in many dishes.


  1. Horse –

Not that long ago consuming horse was a common thing especially among farmers and rural folk. While eating horses is largely considered a taboo in America in our modern time, it is possible to obtain and eat horse meat. States that have banned the sale of horsemeat include California, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Mississippi.

Horsemeat is said to taste slightly sweet and similar to venison, and is typically very lean. Horse meat is comparable to beef in calories, but has twice the amount of iron as beef, and more B12.


  1. Turtle

There are several breeds of turtles kept as pets in the United States including the African Aquatic Side neck Turtle, Painted Turtle, Caspian Pond Turtle and the Cherry Head Red Foot Tortoise to name a few. Unlike the rest of the pets in this list a turtle needs a special wet habitat and shouldn’t be handled a lot, so they aren’t quite a cuddly as other furry pets.

All breeds of turtle as said to taste like veal and can be cooked into a variety of dishes. One of the most common dishes is turtle soup, however it can be barbecued or deep fried as well.

Soft-shell turtle has about 220 calories[i] per serving, and has 2 grams of saturated fat and 82 mg of cholesterol, which are all much lower values than found in beef.


  1. Mini Pig

Mini pigs, also called Micro pigs, are specially breed for to create a small compact piggy. Don’t let the name fool you though, mini pigs are actually Potbellied pigs which descend from wild boars. Micro pigs have been made famous by celebrities such as Paris Hilton. They are smart and very lovable and make an interesting conversation starter when you take them for a walk.

We all know that pigs are a common source of food stuffs from bacon to ham to pork chops. Well these mini-pigs, if you ate one that is, would taste just the same as the swine you buy at the grocery store.

Pork has 206 calories per serving and has 68 mg of cholesterol. Recently the World Health Organization announced that bacon, which is a favorite meat among many that eat swine, can actually cause cancer and should be eaten sparingly.



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[i] http://www.livestrong.com/article/419271-what-are-the-health-benefits-of-eating-soft-shelled-turtles/

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