5 fashion conscientious serial killers

5 fashion conscientious serial killers. Cuz if you’re going to kill, you gotta do it with style.


  1. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer known for his handsome good looks and charisma. After killing several beautiful young women in the 1970s Ted was brought to trial where he was convicted in Florida.


Ted would eventually confess to 30 murders shortly before his execution, although it is speculated that the true body count is much higher.


Depending on his charm to lure his victims, early pictures of Ted prior to his arrest show him always dressed to the current trends, being it turtleneck sweaters or polyester pants, Ted knew fashion. Picture of Ted in court showed him always looking dapper in his fashionable suits, completed with a sly knowing smile.


Do clothes make the killer? You be the judge.


  1. Elizabeth Báthory


Elizabeth Bathory was a hungarian countess known for extreme cruelty towards her servants. She bathed in the blood of young virgins she killed, beleiving that doing as so would help her to retain a youthful appearance.


fashion would have obviously been a very important aspect of Being a countess, as these paintings of Elizabeth portray her in typical 16th century fashions for royalty, she is shown wearing neck ruffs, bonnets, super puffy sleeves and flowing gowns that likely had lots of petticoats beneath the layers. This female serial killer was as stylish as she was evil.



  1. John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Also known as the Killer Clown, Mr. Gacy like to express his fashion sense by wearing clown costumes. Killilng at least 33 men and boys in the Chicago Illinois area in the 1970s, Gacy was performed as a clown for charity under the name “Pogo the clown.”

Now this might now be what you would consider haute couture, but it won him a spot on the list as a killer who was conscientious of his image and expressed it through fashion. Had he engaging in his serial killing career in this era he might have been deemed the Cosplay Killer.

  1. Delphine LaLaurie


Was an 18th century socialite and serial killer of slaves is Louisianna who had a passion not only for fashion, but also for lashing her servants. Several bodies of tortured slaves were discovered bound in the attic of her New Orleans house after a fire. Slaves that were still alive were found emaciated and not far from death. Delphine fled to Paris France where she died in 1842.

Being a socialite of the 18th century Delphine was of course presented herself in a very fashionable way as we can see in these few images that survive of her. Victorian was the style of the times and Delphine reflected the corsets and bustles that shaped a womans figure.



  1. Ed Gein

Oh Ed Gein. He took his love for leather too far. But seriously Mr. Gein is an inspiration to budding new fashion designers everywhere, not to mention the inspiration for the character Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Ed wanted to become his mother, so he decided to create a “women suit.” Ed was a true couture designer creating an outfit customized to flatter his specific shape , he also drafted his own pattern, did the cutting and the sewing, and when times were tough and he couldn’t find a fabric wholesaler he got creative and made his own fabric…out of dead bodies he dug up at the local cemetery, but we’ll still give him props for creativity. Besides the body snatching, Gein also confessed to killing two local women. One of these women was found strung up and gutted like a deer.

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