10 Facts about the Legal Hallucinagenic Datura (Jimson Weed)

  1. What Jimson Weed Is

Jimson Weed is a species of poisonous flowering plant found in the United States and in Africa. intoxication produces a delirium effects which has been reported to be similar to schizophrenia and disassociation disorder.

  1. Where Jimson Weed is Found

Datura is found mostly within the Americas and North Africa. Datura is most likely found in the United States and Mexico  as well as in Tunisia in Africa, where the highest species diversity occurs. All species of Datura are poisonous, especially their seeds and flowers.

  1. Street Names

It is also known as Legality

The Datura plant is mostly uncontrolled substance in the United States. This means all parts of the plant and its extracts are legal to cultivate, buy, possess, and distribute without a license or prescription. Some states have addressed the usage of it or have defined the way it can be used, but few states like Kansas have actually added it to a their Schedule 1 drug list.[i]

  1. Original Uses

Jimson weed has been used in India as a treatment for asthma. the leaves are smoked, releasing the chemical Atropine. The Zuni used the plant for it’s analgesic properties, rendering the patient unconscious while a doctor set broken bones.

Indigenous tribes of the Americas including the Cherokee used the plant for religious ceremonies and in Ethiopia, some students use the drug to open the mind” to be more receptive to learning, and creative and imaginative thinking.[ii]

In the movie The Serpent and the Rainbow, a strain of Datura locally referred to as zombi (sic) cucumber is a main ingredient voodoo priests used to create zombies.

  1. Preparations

There are multiple ways of ingesting Jimson weed including eating the seeds by themselves, making a tea from the leaves or the seeds or both, by smoking the leaves, and cooking the plant into food. An ointment can also be made from the plant that can be rubbed into the skin. Because plants and people all differ no resource on Jimson Weed offers a dosage recommendation to start with and highly suggests you do not use the plant or if you do, that you start with the most minute amount of seeds until you know how it will affect you.

  1. Symptoms

What makes Jimson weed different from all other hallucinogenic is that the trip is hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Where as most users on LSD and Mushrooms know that the tracers they see aren’t real, things that happen when on Datura are hard to tell which are real and which aren’t. Stories from users who have posted their experiences on the internet have a common theme of smoking phantom cigarettes. Many users reported talking to a person, turning their head away for a brief moment, and then that person they thought they were talking to vanishing, suggesting it was a complete hallucination.

Other symptoms reported include extreme thirst and dry mouth, inability to urinate for up to a few days. You can read more user experiences at the website Erowid.

  1. Treatment

People who ingest Datura are typically hospitalized where they may undergo stomach pumping.

  1. Drugs made from Jimson Weed

Some pharmaceutical drugs have been derived from Jimson Weed. Atropine is used to treat patients who are victims of poisoning and nerve agents, to decrease salivary production during surgery, and as an eye drop to dilate the eye. Injections can help speed up a heart suffering from bradycardio which is a heartbeat of less than 60 bpm.

  1. Why Jimson Weed is Legal but LSD is not

No other hallucinogenic gives users the same experience as Datura does. More commonly used and illegal psychedelics like LSD and magic mushrooms give an intense experience, however not to the extremes that Datura does.

The main reason why Datura is not illegal is because anyone who uses it likely never will again, so there is no need to make it illegal as it is too poisonous to be used recreationally. Our take is that you should steer clear of this legal hallucinogenic.




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